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True Stories


    • 2022
    • Featuring Pastor Tosin ogunmodi
    Watch the Motivating story of Pastor Tosin Ogunmodi #LWUK #LWUKNETWORK
  • True Stories with Bro Ankur Chathrath

    • 2022
    • Featuring Ankur Chathrath
    Watch this exciting true story of Bro Ankur Chathrath, how through God's guidance got his family into the united kingdom after trying for three to four times before yielding to the the word of God through a friend in church. #LWUK #LWUKNETWORK
  • True stories with SIs Hannah Bonsu

    • 2022
    • Featuring Hannah Bonsu
    Watch the miraculous testimony of Sis Hannah Bonsu, How through the guidance of the Holy Ghost stepped out of her car and escaped a car crash. #LWUK #LWUKNETWORK
  • True stories with Helen King

    • 2022
    • Featuring Helen King
    Watch this Inspiring story of how Helen King decided to study in united kingdom, and started volunteering at LoveworldUK while in school, finished her program and now working as a full-time staff in LoveworldUK #LWUK #LWUKNETWORK
  • True stories with Pastor Jorghino Onyeme

    • 2022
    • Featuring Pastor Jorghino Onyeme
    Watch this intriguing true story of Pastor Jorghino Onyeme growing up as a kid in a christian home and in church, wanting and did contributed to media team in his teenagers church, BLWUK Zone A campus ministry, volunteering and now a full-time staff in LoveworldUK. #LWUK #LWUKNETWORK
  • True stories with Bro Emmanuell Abuku

    • 2022
    • Featuring Emmanuell Abuku
    Watch this amazing true story of how Bro Emmanuell Abuku joined BLWUK Sheffield fellowship, BLWUK Zone A campus ministry, got interested in volunteering with LoveworldUk team and presently going through training in LoveworldUK. #LWUK #LWUK NETWORK
  • True stories with Favour Sotonwa

    • 2022
    • Featuring Favour Sotonwa
    Watch this motivating true story of how Sis Favour Sotonwa joined BLW campus ministry, got the privilege to join the LoveworldUK team and started working as a fulltime staff in Loveworld UK #LWUK #LWUK NETWORK
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